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The lockdown in The Netherlands for sexwork is over! And Huize Fleur is looking for sexy girls!

The city of Apeldoorn is one of the largest city in the Netherlands. In this busy city, Huize Fleur (translates as Home of Fleur) is the most well known address for payed sex! For almost 50 years, Huize Fleur is well known in the region and customers know very well how to find this private house and escortservice.

To make sure all clients can have their erotic fun, they are looking for sexy girls. Are you 20 years or older and do you want to work fulltime or parttime to please men? The times you work will be in consultation, you will be payed every day and receive every month a payslip in accordance to the opting-in law. Huize Fleur is a cozy location with a nice atmosphere between the hostess and the other girls.

There are possibilities to sleep after your shift at Huize Fleur if you work in the evening (if there are at least 2 people).

If you are interested, sent an e-mail to Fleur and maybe you will earn good money in Apeldoorn! You can e-mail to fleurprive@hotmail.com. You can see more of Huize Fleur on the website www.kweekweg10.com.